Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey.. The Way To Keep Happier Employees

Simon Sinek, the famous motivational speaker, and book author, has once said:

“Happy employees ensure happy customers”

We do believe his words! That’s why we highly recommend exploring our special employee satisfaction survey! Managers work hard to increase their corporates’ profitability. However, they can’t achieve this goal with the presence of dissatisfied employees! Employees’ sustained dissatisfaction causes many problems within the execution of the company’s daily operations, so how can managers detect the level of satisfaction of their company’s employees?  They can conduct an employee satisfaction survey.

Employee satisfaction survey best practices

Defining an employee satisfaction survey

As the name mentions, an employee satisfaction survey is a survey that helps managers to measure and obtain multiple insights regarding their employees’ satisfaction and understand their exact needs. After conducting the survey, the data acquired can be used to:

  • Make employees more satisfied and comfortable within their jobs.
  • Increase their retention.
  • Enhance their productivity.
  • Improve their well-being.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

To construct a beneficial survey that can drive valuable results, you need to,

Communicate the purpose of your survey

You are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to help your employees be happier, but do they understand this? Communicating the goal of your survey to your employees encourages them to take care while answering every question!

Once they learn that you are asking them questions to improve their overall well-being, they will provide you with accurate answers, which will help you gather high-quality data.

Design an easy to answer questionnaire

People do not like to receive a paper (or an online page) that includes many open-ended questions!

We suggest that you build surveys that consist of a few questions. Questions that employees can answer easily. These questions may include multiple choice questions, checkbox questions, and so on.

Ensure confidentiality

Employee anonymity is important regarding achieving your survey’s goal!

Your employees must be sure that their identities are hidden so that they can tell their opinions clearly without feeling threatened.

What questions does a good employee satisfaction survey include?

You can ask your employees an infinite number of questions. However, there are some topics that are required to be covered so that your survey can achieve its desired goals. Some of the important topics your questionnaire should cover include,

Employees’ opinion regarding the company’s culture

Most employees seek work in a company that preserves a delightful work culture.

A good workplace environment helps employees work better, build healthy work relationships, express their ideas freely, and construct innovative ideas. As a result, they would collaborate effectively to achieve your company’s objectives.

The feeling of being valued

According to research, a lot of employees quit their jobs as they feel under-estimated. A valued employee will feel satisfied and perform his/her job the best way he/she can. 

Feeling respected and appreciated by managers and employers is the way to obtain a satisfied employee.

Job meaningfulness

There is no better feeling than performing a meaningful job!

Many surveys have deducted that employees who feel their jobs are meaningful stay within their companies. 

An employee satisfaction survey would help you discover whether your employees feel their jobs are meaningful. 

Work-life balance

The absence of a good work-life balance is an important factor that may cause employees burnout! It is a fact that an attractive company is one where implementing daily tasks would not affect its employees’ work-life balance negatively.

Recommending the company for other job seekers

If your company is a good place to work at, your employees will recommend it to their relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

Recommending a company to others is a clue that the employees working there are happy enough.

Our high-quality designed survey ensures you gather accurate results which we analyze and transmit into constructive recommendations to ensure higher employee satisfaction in the long run.

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