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Business Simulation Strategy , Finance & Commercial Acumen

A business simulation is a model of different business processes. We obtain the information necessary for designing our simulation from real businesses operating in the real-life marketplace.

Our business simulation training program aims to give participants a real-life learning experience through studying multiple topics, including strategic thinking, business acumen, and financial acumen.

Discover our SIMDUSTRY® business simulation training program

Our business simulation training program is an educational tool that helps participants run a virtual business in a very realistic, risk-free environment. This tool helps corporate executives practice and improve their overall business skills.

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Key Learning Benefits

Participants learn how to work with financial statements, prepare the company’s income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Participants will make their own strategic planning decisions, strategic choices, and trade-offs. The next step is determining the impact of their decisions on their organization’s growth and position within the market.

Participants will discover the factors affecting their products/services pricing, how they can maximize their company’s profitability, and they efficiently manage the product mix.

All this and much more are some of the tough questions and decisions each team should make to be able to successfully manage their business growth.

About Simdustry

SIMDUSTRY® is one of the world’s leading providers of business simulations training and comprehensive digital Learning Journeys for leaders and professionals.

Companies from all industries trust SIMDUSTRY to instill new perspectives, develop their employees‘ competence and support the implementation of strategic objectives

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