Employee Engagement Survey

It starts with measurement (employee engagement metrics)

For over two decades, we have been designing our assessments and surveys to measure what’s most important – your people.
Not only does our technology organize and analyze the data, it also identifies true drivers of employee engagement and performance using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
We constantly strive to provide our clients with the best analytics, data visualizations, and recommendations possible.

Our Leadership Intelligence® technology platform makes it simple to collect and analyze employee feedback on engagement and leadership. Our engagement professionals work with HR professionals, heads of organizations, managers and leaders, and employees across the globe to turn this feedback into results.

Yet, we don’t stop with just our technology. You will gain access to experts who are available to assist you with your unique set of challenges, risks, and issues. You will not be alone in the process.

Engaged organizations attract talent, retain top performers, and drive results. We build workplaces where people choose to engage—and deliver results.


By gathering and analyzing over two decades of employee engagement survey responses and numerous psychological studies, we distilled the five basic keys of employee engagement metrics into meaning, autonomy, growth, impact, and connection, (i.e., M-A-G-I-C).
Since we are all different, each of these keys plays a unique role in how engaged we are in our work (and life). The Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC®Training will train managers to leverage the five MAGIC keys to boost their own engagement and engage their teams to achieve greater results.


demo of employee engagement survey course!

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We can take you through a complete demo of our systems and how can we help you measure and improve engagement in your organization.

Engagement-Real Hands-On

Improve your organization with our proven models and comprehensive employee survey tools

Improve your organization with our proven models and comprehensive employee survey tools
Measure your employee experience whenever you want, however you want through our extensive library of research-based assessments for individuals, teams, and organizations. Collect data as often as you would like, or whenever you are ready to re-evaluate goals based on real-time feedback. Lay the foundation for improved people analytics by storing your survey data in a single, secure database so it is available whenever you need it.

CorpMetrix with DecisionWise gives you engagement models that help you see how the pieces fit together. Employee engagement course is not just a survey activity; it’s the process of building the right Employee Experience for your organization.

Over 100 Million Survey Responses in our Database, Available almost in any language!

Find meaningful insights through dynamic reporting & data visualization

Sometimes, the answers are right in front of you. Other times, you have to dig and search to find a better perspective. We design our reports and data visualizations to help you see the nuances and find meaningful insights. While analytics are never the sole answer, they are important in helping to diagnose or uncovering latent problems. Data gives you context and perspective.

Our technology provides you with an advanced, comprehensive view of your workforce in real time. See the results of employee engagement surveys, 360 degree feedback, individual and team performance across all demographics and employee populations.

Engagement-Real Hands-On

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