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  • Certified Performance
    Audit Professional

About the Performance Audit Professional Certification

The Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework embeds in its development over 10 years of research in the field of performance management architecture development and the use of maturity models for capability diagnosis.

This educational program which embeds as a critical component the direct application of gained knowledge in practice presents a structured methodology to assess the maturity of performance management architectures for 5 capabilities: strategic planning, performance measurement, performance management, performance culture and employee performance management. It involves the use of a proprietary Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework with the scope of mapping maturity gaps and identifying the next actions that will ensure improvement.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to deploy and conduct a performance audit process;
  • Learn how to use the Performance Maturity Model Framework as part of the audit methodology;
  • Develop the ability to interpret the data and perform statistical analysis based on the survey results received;
  • Gain clear understanding and insights for reviewing performance management documents produced by the organization assessed.

Program Outcomes


  • Apply the Integrated Performance Maturity Model;
  • Conduct and elaborate a full audit report.
  • Elaborate recommendations for performance management system improvement;
  • Interpret survey data and perform primary statistical analysis;
  • Analyze performance management tools;
  • Improve communication skills in the relationship auditor-auditee;
  • Develop system thinking and critical thinking;
  • Understand key best practices in performance management;


  • Ensure you have the right tools, processes and people in the right place for your Performance Management System;
  • Identify the weaknesses of your current Performance Management Framework and learn how to shift from one maturity level to the next one;
  • Maximize the added value generated by your Performance Management System, by elevating current practices to best practices;
  • Educate stakeholders to be oriented towards continuous learning and improving;
  • Justify investments in process improvement;


What's Included:
* Certification, Tuition & Material Fees
* Premium Subscription to smartKPIs.com

Course Information

Delivery By: Alin Sonda,
Performance Audit Head,
of The KPI Institute

Schedule: 12 - 14 April, 2020
Duration: 3 Full Day Sessions
From: 9:00 AM To: 5:00 PM
Location: Holiday Inn Hotel
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Contact Information

Email: info@realhandson.com
+2 (0) 12080 56 510

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“The course content was insightful and easy to understand.
It was one of the best ways to learn step by step the process of performance measurement!"

Joy Tanga,
Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria

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Participants' Profile

Senior & middle management professionalsn

Professionals from different fields, such as audit, finance, human resources, production, logistics, information technology and others, working with performance management system architectures, will acquire the competencies needed to diagnose their entities performance systems capability maturity.

Internal & external Performance Audit professionals

Any audit expert, regardless of his current audit experience (financial, compliance, performance), interested in expanding his area of expertise towards assessing organizational performance systems, by employing the proprietary or customized versions of the Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework developed by the Global Performance Audit Unit.

Performance management systems experts

For professionals like Strategy Manager, Performance Management Officer or Performance Architect, it is important to develop competencies to evaluate the performance management systems’ maturity and ensure continuous system improvements. You will learn the best practices used in this field related to strategy, performance measurement and management, performance culture and employee performance management.

By Becoming a Certified Performance Audit Professional You Get Access to a Huge List of Educational Resources

Premium Subscription to smartKPIs.com

Available for 6 months, providing access to 500 fully documented KPIs and over 20.000 KPIs enlisted and one research report from the Top 25 KPIs series.


Performance Management Toolkit

Templates: Performance Management System Architecture, Monthly Performance Management Process, Employee Scorecard; and others
Manuals: Performance Scorecard Guide for Administrator, Performance Dashboard Guide for Administrator;


KPI Documentation Forms;
Negative Behaviors;
Targets in Practice;
Graphs in Practice;
Glossary of terms.

And Much More!

Fact Sheets: KPI Selection Criteria; KPI Definitions, KPIs in Practice;

Webinars: Free access to all Performance Management webinars series from 2014 to 2016

Performance Management Qualitative Reports (2014 & 2015)

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