360-Feedback Survey

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360 Feedback Survey and Customized Questions

Decision Wise 360 surveys include a unique Derailer section to identify those behaviors that undermine a leader’s effectiveness. Need to create competencies? We specialize in developing relevant leadership competencies for your organization and building 360 feedback survey to measure them.

Our assessment team is made up of experts in industrial-organizational psychology. We understand what to measure and how to measure it. We conduct and publish extensive research on 360 degree feedback, and our research is widely cited and recognized.
Using this expertise as a foundation, our assessment team works with you to design your survey and process on the needs of your organization.

How 360 Degree Feedback Surveys Work?

Real Hands-on & Decision Wise are working in a way that makes the 360-degree feedback process safe and easy to administer.

Our assessment advisors will guide you along the way. They will help show you the benefits of 360 degree feedback and handle all of the complex logistics of survey administration.

We suggest, or develop the survey, create the timeline, manage rater lists, send out reminders, and generate the reports so you can focus on what is important; creating personal development and change.

The Decision Wise 360 degree feedback tool provides you visibility into the survey administration process. You can select, modify, and approve both participants and raters on the system interface.

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Coaching on 360 Degree Training Results

People are often surprised by the feedback they receive on the 360 degree survey. It can be an emotional process. We may miss the overall message being sent by the feedback. It is critical for the participant to talk through the results with their manager or a coach to create a personal action plan.

DecisionWise with CorpMetrix provide expert coaching, or can show your team how to debrief survey results and coach internally. 360 degree training feedback creates self-awareness; coaching helps participants use this new information to change.

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Why use 360°feedback survey?

Without feedback, we tend to invent our own reality.

Using 360 degree feedback is a vital part of performance, growth, and development. Understanding ourselves and how we interact with others helps us understand the impact we have on those around us.
The perceptions of others within our circle of influence, whether those perceptions are accurate or inaccurate, often impact our level of success. This is where 360 degree feedback comes in.

Most organizations today use 360 feedback Survey in some form or another, although the purpose varies. Based on the needs of your organization, we align the 360 feedback process to reach your objectives.

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